Groom Stops His Wedding to Confess His Love for Another Woman

By 2 years ago

Weddings are a time for happiness, love, and of course, a few tears. Everyone in attendance usually leaves feeling with a renewed belief in the commitment of marriage. But something at this particular wedding would have a very different outcome…

A Very Unexpected Speech

When the groom got on the mic, everyone thought he would be saying his vows. But in this case, the groom came prepared with a revealing confession, one that left his future wife overcome by emotion…

The Crowd Waits

Everyone knows that weddings can be very emotional occasions. Celebrating true love is always heartwarming, and a bit overwhelming. This groom, in particular, was not quite prepared for the emotions of the day. With the crowd watching, he knew this was a huge moment.

The Unexpected Twist

When the groom began to speak, the best man began to video the entire moment. Jessica, the bride, was beautiful, while he groom, Jefferson, was handsomely dressed. Nervous as ever, his hands were shaking as he prepared to give his speech to his new wife…

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