Groom is Surprised by Bride’s Brother in a Dress

Weddings can be nerve-wracking events, especially if you are the groom. There is just so many things going on and there are so many implications to such a life-changing event. If you’re lucky, you will have your family and friends there with you to offer support. If you’re very lucky, even your future in-laws will also be there to help you out. Such is the case with this particular groom and his future brother-in-law.


It all began when Heidi Zherelyev noticed that her betrothed Valentin was looking a little bit too nervous before their wedding ceremony. So she came up with a plan to settle his nerves. She asked her brother to surprise him before they took the pre-wedding photos by dressing up in a wedding dress. Not only was it going to be a great surprise, but it would also be hilarious.

“I hear these gentle footsteps behind me,” Valentin said, “I feel the most gentle touch on my shoulder, and I look back thinking I’m going to see Heidi, so pretty and beautiful, and I look back and it’s Eric. I just lose my mind, it was so funny. All of the emotions started flowing out and I was totally calm. It was just the best equalizer for the situation.”


The surprise was photographed by Nichole Cline of KevinChole Photography, and it fully captures the moment that Valentin was shocked and the laughter the ensued. Even after the initial surprise, Valentin and his future brother-in-law also took some hilarious wedding photos as a “couple”. The best part of the ordeal was that Heidi said it worked and Valentin looked more comfortable afterwards.

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