Goop’s Holiday Gift Guide is Absolutely Insane

The 2018 holiday gift guide from Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle website Goop launched this week—and it certainly did not disappoint.

From 24 karat gold rolling papers to an electric yacht to a literal Spanish village (priced at $172,910), Goop’s gift guide is all you could ever want and more. That is, of course, if you’re interested in things like a couple’s tattoo session: “The couple that gets inked together stays together.” I think Pete and Ariana might have to disagree with you there, Gwyneth.

Sure, the gift guide may be wildly extravagant, and certainly not for the everyday customer. But at the very least you can have some fun perusing the ridiculousness that is a $1,200 diamond “ear pin” or literally just…sending your kid to a boarding school in the Netherlands. For $65, you could buy a set of classic books that you might already own, but with cooler covers! Isn’t that neat? Hello? Did everyone leave?

Whether you want to gift your loved ones with 10z of white truffle or very expensive cashmere baby socks, Goop has a sprawling list of unconventional options that will be sure to surprise whoever is lucky enough to be on the receiving end.


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