Girl Saves Squirrel’s Life Thanks To Scene from ‘The Office’

The TV show “The Office” has been one of the most popular and successful TV series in the United States. There have been many hilarious moments and scenes from the show, but one of the most infamous scenes has been the first aid scene from the show’s fifth season. It may have been hilarious, but that scene proved useful in saving the life of a little squirrel.


In the scene, employees of Dunder-Mifflin Paper Company learn about CPR. The lead character of the show played by Steve Carell learns that the proper beat to administer chest compressions is in tune with the song ‘Stayin’ Alive’ by The Bee Gees. That fact stuck with Central Michigan University Student Natalie Belsito.

Earlier this week, Natalie found a squirrel drowning in a campus pond. She had managed to get the animal out of the water with the help of a passer-by, but she noticed that it wasn’t breathing. Belsito admitted that she wasn’t familiar with CPR, but that the scene from The Office stuck to her. It was this information that helped her save the squirrel’s life.


“I couldn’t just leave it, you know?​ It definitely was drowning because it was really slow when we saw it and it started to dip its head under the water. I went down there with a hockey stick to try to pull it out, but that wasn’t really working.” said Natalie. When she got the creature out of the water, she started to administer chest compressions until the animal came to.

“Honestly, when I was doing it, I was thinking of the episode of “The Office” when they do CPR. I was literally singing that song as I tried to do it.” she added.

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