Girl Goes Undercover To Help Out Her Bestie On First Date

Meeting new people is already awkward enough as it is, so you can only imagine just how awkward first dates can be for most people.

Unless of course, you have a BFF that tags along in secret ready to help you out just in case things go wrong.

Meet Georgia Hoyer, A.K.A ‘The Ultimate BFF, who wore a disguise and shadowed her friend Dawsyn Eubanks to make sure that her first date went well.

Dawsyn only found out about this after Georgia texted her why she wasn’t eating her food, after which she saw Georgia sitting just a few tables away, hilariously disguised in a black hoodie, sunglasses and mustache.

Being the best friend that she is, Dawsyn later tweeted a photo of Georgia spying on her date, with the caption: ‘When your best friend wants to make sure your first date goes well.’

The tweet has since gone viral, receiving over 497K likes and 220K retweets.

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