Ghost of Murdered Best Friend Convinces Woman to Investigate Her Death Twenty Years Later

In 1984, a woman’s college roommate was found brutally murdered in her apartment. After an unexpected visit, she decided to take matters into her own hands…

Triple Threat

Angela Samota and Sheila Gibbons were an unlikely duo. The teens were paired together as roommates during their first week of college at Southern Methodist University in Texas. Sheila described Angie as a “triple threat”: stunning, smart, and full of life… but not for much longer.

Match Made in Heaven

Angie, a psychology major, could also be shy and standoffish. She avoided parties and refrained from drinking alcohol. Angie was also the social chair of her sorority, ZTA. By the end of their freshman year, the two had become best friends. The last time Sheila saw Angie was one week prior to her death when the two met on campus to catch up…

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