Geologist Gets Revenge on College Neighbors Who Blocked Her Car in Using a Boulder

When you’re a grad student, all you want to do is just get your work done and sleep. That gets to be tricky when you have 2nd-year undergraduates living right next door. Luckily for Melissa Scruggs,  her neighbors were pretty civil… For a couple of weeks.

“I was a little concerned at first because they like to throw big parties, but I they’ve generally been pretty considerate with noise and keeping people out of our yard,” she recalled.

The boulders main purpose is to keep people from hitting the fence. According to Scruggs, her neighbors were just not interested in having it in its place anymore.

One Friday night, they had a party. Someone had parked in Scruggs’ car, so she went over to ask them to move it before 7 am so she could leave.

When she woke up, she saw that the boulder was moved to in front of her car, just enough so that she couldn’t get out between that and the car next to hers.

She couldn’t move it herself, so she decided the next best thing.

“[They] forgot that I am a tiny geologist who has access to a VERY loud auto-chipper at 7:30 am.”

Moral of the story: Don’t be rude! You don’t know who you’re messing with.

She even left the remnants behind.

Remember to be neighborly!



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