French Chef Opens New Age Dining Restaurant in Shanghai

In Shanghai, French Chef Paul Pairet opened the newest 3-star Michelin restaurant called Ultraviolet. The ground breaking establishment offers extreme meals and adventurous courses. It is also a very exclusive place that offers around 6,000 Yuan ($900) per head and a wait list that can reach up to three months. But connoisseurs of the place have sworn by the food and have testified that the experience is very much worth it.


According to 53-year old Pairet, the goal of the restaurant is to connect the dots between the mind and the taste buds. Pairet’s goal is to trigger the right atmosphere and link it to the food, which he believes enhances the flavors to a different level. It’s a complete sensory experience to dine at Ultraviolet. Aside from the amazing food which can reach up to 22 different courses, customers are also experiencing visual art and music that can range from classical to hard rock.

“You are using all your different senses to feel this experience,” says Cheryl Chen, a Shanghai consultant, dining at Ultraviolet, “It’s multi-dimensional versus others that probably have good food and a good environment, but this is one of a kind,” she adds.


“When we increased the price of Ultraviolet — we needed to sustain the whole project, there was no other way — after a certain level of price at 6000 RMB, we had an increase of Chinese customers.” Says Chef Pairet. Pairet has two other highly rated restaurants in Shanghai. He has crafted his style by cooking and sampling the food from all over the world including those in Jakarta, Hong Kong, and Sydney.

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