Four People Filed False Food Poisoning Claims in England

Four people have been convicted for filing false food poisoning claims after vacationing with Jet2Holidays airlines at Paradise Lago Taurito and Waterpark, Gran Canaria in November of 2016. They issued compensation claims after saying they suffered from intense gastric issues after eating food at the resort, but none of it was true. Christopher Byng, 38, Barbara Byng, 64, Linda Lane, 36, and Anthony Byng, 66 are all facing charges. 

Christopher, Barbara, and Anthony Byng earned themselves immediate custodial sentences. They claimed they "suffered with symptoms, including stomach cramps, sickness, diarrhea, headaches and hot and cold sweats" after eating at the all-inclusive resorts. However, authorities looked into the case and found everyone's social media pages from the trip, and all of the photos showed them enjoying the trip. There was nothing about food poisoning, and after sifting through their individual feeds, it was determined that the food poisoning never happened.

Jet2Holidays CEO Steve Heapy said, “We have led the way when it comes to tackling the issue of fake sickness claims, and we continue to do so. Issuing a false claim for compensation is fraud, plain and simple, and we have been at pains to warn people that there are serious consequences if they choose to do so. We will not hesitate to take action against fraudsters, and the courts will not hesitate to punish them."

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