Forget Cocktail Hours — ‘Kitten Hours’ Are Way Better

Cocktail hours are usually that awkward period of time for guests in between the wedding ceremony and reception. This time is usually used for the wedding party to get their portraits done before the real festivities begin.

For Iz, 26, and Colleen, 27, they were at a crossroads for their wedding venue. They got married at a Quaker meetinghouse… A place that didn’t allow alcohol.

Knowing that their guests needed to be entertained, but drinking and mingling were out of the question, they got a little creative.

Colleen suggested they get a falcon. Iz said no. Thus began the brainstorming session.

“When we were brainstorming something alcohol-free for our guests to do while we took family pictures, kittens came up and things flowed from there,” Colleen told HuffPost.

They came up with the “kitten hour” where guests can play and love on six kittens from the Seattle Animal Shelter.

The couple work close with the shelter as they themselves are foster parents. It was a hit with the guests and the shelter!

“There were volunteers there to make sure that the kittens weren’t overhandled and to keep them corralled in their pack-n-play,” Colleen said. “The kittens only stayed for about an hour, and judging by the way they wanted to fall asleep in our arms, they felt pretty relaxed.”

Guests with allergies were able to make fun flower crowns in the other room.

The best part? Many of the guests filled out paperwork to adopt the kittens once they got a little older! All of the kittens have since found new homes, all thanks to this loving couple.

They did want to make one thing clear: “Our advice for anyone looking to adopt cats would be to check out an older bonded pair,” Iz said. “Our cats adore each other, and we have no qualms about leaving them alone all day for work knowing that they will keep each other entertained.”

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