Ummm... Hidden Valley Ranch Has a Line of Crocs (?)

By 3 weeks ago

So. Is anyone else aware that Hidden Valley Ranch — the condiment franchise — partnered with Crocs to release a custom clog? Is anyone asking why? These shoes are an upsetting shade of off-white with green flecks to mimic the exact look of ranch dressing itself. They even come with new custom Jibbitz shoe charms of things that pair well with ranch, like pizza, chicken, and various veggies. I just have to ask again... why? Did anyone ask for this? 

Listen, if you buy these, that's your business. But this is definitely a really weird move. Remember KFC Crocs? ALSO weird. The Hidden Valley Ranch presale is already sold out, but they'll be available on the Crocs' website later this year. Thankfully, these shoes don't smell like ranch, which cannot be said about the KFC line...

Crocs and The Hundreds and Family Style Food Festival are donating to the Independent Hospitality Coalition by giving away 10,000 pairs of Crocs at Work shoes for people in restaurant jobs. Crocs has always been a notably philanthropic company, and this line is no different. They often get celebrity co-signers, like Justin Bieber and Priyanka Chopra most recently. For whatever reason, people are still really into Crocs. 

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