This Kinder TikTok Dessert Is The Latest Late-Night Snack Craze

By 2 weeks ago

Toasties are nothing new. We've been experimenting with what to put between two slices of bread since the beginning of time. While avocado toasts have taken the world by storm over the last few years, there's been a palette shift toward sweeter foods since the start of quarantine. Remember when everyone was baking banana bread because they didn't know what else to do? Well, this guy on TikTok has started making Kinder Bueno Toastie sandwiches, and they're taking over the Internet. 

It's so easy to make this hack. First, place a Kinder Bueno between two slices of white bread. Then, you take a glass and press it over the center of the bread where the chocolate is. That way, you have a perfect circle with sealed edges, so your chocolate stays right in the middle. Then, just pop it into the toaster. That's it! This ingenious idea is going viral on the Internet, and for good reason. The hack is so simple that nobody seemed to think of it first. A delicious chocolate pocket that you'll want to binge on all day. 

You can make this sandwich with any sort of filling you want. Try it with other candies like peanut butter cups, or something savory like meats and cheeses. It's a DIY version of a Hot Pocket, essentially, and if COVID has taught us all anything, it's that getting a little creative with your everyday routine is essential to keep us all going. Til then, stock up on your Kinder products and white bread.

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