This Is What You Should Eat After You Get the COVID-19 Vaccine

By 1 month ago

The COVID-19 vaccine comes with a few side effects that are to be expected. Much like the flu vaccine, if you're worried about the onslaught of aches, pains, a headache, and a fever following your second dose, health officials have some pretty easy hacks to overcome the side effects quickly. Though vaccines aren't readily available to everyone yet, people who have gotten both doses are reporting symptoms that vary with intensity depending on other pre-existing conditions.

It might seem too easy to believe, but the easiest way to overcome flu-like symptoms from the COVID-19 vaccine is to stay hydrated. Eight glasses of water, or four regular-sized water bottles, a day to flush out your system will help. Doctors also recommend eating chicken noodle soup, a tried and true remedy. The soup is a great way to ensure hydration as well as a healthy dose of antioxidents. 

“If we eat fruits and vegetables, the vitamins and minerals in those foods will protect the immune system,’' Maria Falzone, a clinical nutrition manager, said. “The antioxidants in the fruits and vegetables and healthy diet protect the immune cells from being damaged. If [someone is] fairly well-nourished before the shot, they will be able to sustain or deal with any kind of reaction they may have,’' Falzone continued. “Before, during, and after. It’s all about good nutrition and keeping your immune system strong.’'

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