These Are The Foods Nutritionists Suggest Avoiding at Costco

By 4 months ago

While Costco is a great place to stock up on bulk snack items, frozen foods, and paper products, it's not always the healthiest option when grocery shopping. Nutritionists have compiled a list of Costco items to and not to buy if you're trying to make the most health-conscious decisions. The items to avoid might actually surprise you...

Costco's bananas were at the top of the list because, when compared to a normal grocery store banana, is that they're twice the size. That means twice the calories and sugar content. The next items on the list were the ready-to-order hot dogs and soda from the food court. That one probably should have been obvious. Though a crowd favorite across the board, rotisserie chickens are also items to avoid, unfortunately. Though they're budget-friendly, "Costco's chickens in particular are raised in conditions that go against our collective standards of health," nutritionist Ryan Andrews, RD said.

Bulk boxes of protein bars are also on the list of things to avoid. Though they can serve as meal replacements and are high in protein, they are also chock-full of calories. Costco's bakery section also provides some of the biggest muffins and cookies you've ever seen, which means they're more likely to serve two or three people than one. Though delicious, those things need to be portioned. 

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