Chipotle Is Now Offering Drive-Thru Services

By 2 months ago

Chipotle really is doing the most during this pandemic. Over the last year, they've shared recipes for their famous cilantro lime rice, guacamole, and corn salsa for fans online, but now they're upping the convenience of their service. Select locations are offering contactless drive-thru options that customers can opt in to use. The initiative will continue through this year as COVID-19 cases continue to rage.

Like nearly all restaurants, Chipotle saw a whopping 174.1 percent increase in online orders in 2020 and 2021 because indoor dining is not the most health-conscious decision at the moment. Chipotle plans to add drive-thru windows to 70% of their locations this year, and they're calling them "Chipotlanes." Tongue-in-cheek, right? The chain is also expanding to 200 new locations this year.

Because the safest way to support the restaurant industry right now is to order digitally, indulge in takeout, or contactless pickup, it's important to remember that tipping service workers and delivery drivers higher than usual goes a long way. Without a steady income, and most of it being tip-based to begin with, the restaurant industry was one of the first industries to struggle through the pandemic. So if you're going to drive through a Chipotlane, make sure you up that gratuity.

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