7-Eleven's Hot Food Menu Is Adding "Fish Bites"

By 1 month ago

Wild Alaskan Pollock Fish Bites, served in a breaded Panko crust with a side of tartar dipping sauce, will hit 7-Eleven's hot bar soon. They'll be available for a limited time during Lent so people who gave up meat for the season can have something to snack on. This isn't the first time 7-Eleven has tried to incorporate fish into its menu. Last year, the chain served an Alaskan Pollock sandwich, which got great reviews. 

"We got such great reviews on the Alaskan Pollock sandwich last year, we knew we had to bring back a seasonal fish option for our customers in 2021," said Anjuli Wilkie, senior category manager of hot food at 7-Eleven. "Because we're all about convenience and offering delicious, easy-to-eat food, Fish Bites is the perfect grab-and-go option."

Other fast-food chains are including fish in their every-day menus. Popeyes recently debuted a Cajun Flounder Sandwich, and Wendy's, White Castle, Arby's, Carl's Jr., have been following suit in honor of Lent. Whether you're practicing or not, these meat alternatives will make a great meal from wherever you decide to purchase from.

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