Food as Medicine, For Us and the Planet

There's a lot of contradiction around the term "sustainable food." It's tossed around the industry in order to make "farm to table" products seem more appealing to buyers, and the idea of purchasing locally is an enticing trend over giving into store brands or chains.

However - is any form of produce and meat production truly sustainable 100%?

“Along my many journeys, I have found that most often, those who use the term ‘sustainable’ are those who truly do not know what is sustainable and, more importantly, what is not,” one food purveyor wrote in a case study. “They simply are not aware of all the variables that need to be factored in when determining true sustainability. It’s extremely unfortunate that these same individuals or institutions are placed in a position where public opinion is influenced; even policy-making is based on their opinions.”

The more important conversation might be about the difference between what hurts our environment and resources, and what helps keep them alive, and whether or not those two things are the same.

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