New "Follow For More Recipes" Meme is a Hilarious Twitter Prank

While places like are meant for wholesome recipe-sharing and kitchen hacks, Twitter tends to take everything good about the site and turn it into something chaotic. The latest meme trend to hit the web goes like this:

Users tweet, "Follow me for more recipes!" succeeded by a pair of before and after images of themselves cheffing it up in the most bare-minimum way possible. If you're anything like most people, then these tweets are also subtle call-outs for your culinary habits. 

Some people have been sharing simple before and after images of themselves peeling fruit or something else extremely simple.

However, there are always people who take things a little too far...

While most of these tweets are clearly jokes, you can't help but wonder who's actually taking the trend seriously. I hope nobody's' eating chocolate ramen or sauteed goldfish for dinner, but the Internet is a dark and mysterious place.

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