Firefighter Catches Child Thrown From 3rd Story Balcony

A recent video that has gone viral shows an amazing rescue of firefighters in Dekalb County, Georgia. A family of 12, including two twin babies, was stuck in a house on fire when firefighters responded to the area. They made it out in time, but all thanks to the bravery and quick action of the fire department. One daring rescue saw one of the survivors being caught while falling from a third story balcony.


Out of the 12 members of the family that was caught in the fire, only the father was injured after he had sustained burns while getting all of his children out of the apartment from the third-story balcony. Those that couldn’t be evacuated in time were rescued by the firefighters that rushed to the scene. One of the children was rescued when she was thrown by her father from the balcony into one of the firefighters would catch her below.


“Failure is not an option, failure is never an option when it comes to protecting family,” said the father Lance Ragland. Ragland sent his family down a ladder where firefighters were there to catch the children. The catch was caught by an HD helmet-camera video where DeKalb County Fire Captain Scott Stroup caught one of the children that were thrown to safety by Ragland. The family reportedly lost everything in the fire and they are now staying with family until they can get back on their feet. Ragland says he’s just happy that none of his children were hurt in the fire.

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