Ferrets and Tarantulas Are Unexpectedly Popular Quarantine Pets

The demand for shelter cats and dogs has skyrocketed throughout the pandemic, and thankfully, many people were willing to open their home to a new pet in order to quell the fear of isolation. Pets are great sources of comfort during these unsettling times, and many were given a new lease on life this year. However, it's not just cats and dogs that people are drawn to when they're feeling lonely. Lately, there has been a rise in ferret and tarantula adoptions. Who would have thought?

One woman adopted a ferret after years of wanting one, and realized there's no better time than now, when she can actually be around more to bond with her pet. “We had to spend a lot of time with her individually to build her trust. It took a lot of bitten fingers but she’s a complete success story,” said Jenna McBriarty, discussing the amount of dedicated attention ferrets need. “If it hadn’t been for the pandemic I don’t know if we would have seriously considered getting them.”

Another woman discussed how she accidentally came into adopting a tarantula, named Fuzzy. “He keeps me entertained spinning webs and swimming in his palatial rock pool while I join calls with stakeholders from all across the business.” Though a tarantula most certainly isn't for everyone, they're well-loved by the people who do keep them. The quarantine has opened a lot of people's hearts and homes to the idea of more exotic (and legal) pets. 

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