Father Daughter Backyard Surprise That Left Mom Hysterical

Darius Stevens was dealt a bad hand in life soon as he approached 40. He had lost his job, all his money, and was diagnosed with skin cancer. But, despite the unfortunate turn of events, he still maintained a positive outlook in life. After all, he had two healthy beautiful daughters, a loving and supporting wife, and some amazing friends.
Knowing that he had so much to be thankful for, and seeing that their backyard could do some work, he set out to do something that even a healthy, young man would have a hard time doing. Best of all, his wife was completely clueless about what he had planned.

How His Journey Began

Stevens, or Dare as he likes to be called, lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife and their two daughters. He’s a filmmaker and screenwriter who found himself struggling as his 40th birthday approached.

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