Face Masks for Pets Flying off Shelves Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, it's become the norm for people to don protective facemasks while out and about. Now, even Fido is taking preventative measures.

Some stores have reported running out of masks for humans. Companies that also make masks for dogs, like Good Air Team, who manufactures a K9 Mask, have also reported a significant rise in sales over the past three days.

The dog masks, which can cost up to $50, have been purchased by customers in the U.S. Zhou Tianxiao, a Beijing-based dog mask seller, explained that the masks were once marketed to help pets handle air pollution—but now, he's selling over 50 pieces per day, rather than the average 150 per month.

However, the World Health Organization has made it clear that no evidence indicates whether dogs or cats can be infected with the virus.

The increase in mask purchases accompanies the recent outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus. The death is at 170 and still climbing. The virus is spread through airborne droplets via sneezing or coughing, touching, or touching a surface that has been infected.

The CDC does not discourage individuals from wearing surgical masks as a precaution, the organization only recommends daily use for infected patients and the medical professionals who interact with them.

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