Essential under $50 tech Accessories you need in your Home

There are so many tech products and accessories out there, while there are so many options picking the right and reliable one can often be tricky. Here we are listing tech accessories we think are a must-have in every home that cost under $50.

You still need a flash drive

Yes, we know it’s the age of the I cloud and the Google drive, but a flash drive is still a must-have in every home. Moving large files around or storing them still requires a very fast Internet connection and unless you’ve 4G or 5G at home that’s pretty time consuming, so a flash drive always comes in handy. Flash drives are well under $50 and newest flash drives can store a large amount of data.

A Bluetooth keyboard

Blue tooth keyboards are very light, compact and easy to use, these portable little keyboards can be carried anywhere with you, these keyboards can be paired with literally any desktop or laptop computer. You should always have one as a backup if your computer’s keyboard suddenly stops working, or needs repair. These are well under $50 and can easily be paired with any tablet.

A portable battery is a life savior

If you and your family likes to use android phones, we know that the battery life is always a painstaking topic, a portable battery charger can literally save your life, it can be carried anywhere and there are portable batteries that can charge more than 2 phones at a time, so it’s a good bargain well under $50.

Bluetooth earbuds

Bluetooth earbuds can save you a lot of hassle, and these are an essential, because you can easily listen to music or pick up calls while doing home chores or while you’re at the gym. There are very nice sounding and sweat proof Bluetooth headphones out there well under $50.

USB charger outlet

If you have a big family or lots of room mates and everyone’s trying to charge their phones at the same time, a USB charger outlet is a must-have in your home. The USB charger outlet can be installed easily at home or office and multiple devices can be charged at once.



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