Drone Helps in Finding Missing Dog

Cherry, a Chihuahua pet dog had gone missing for five days before a small village decided to take extreme measure to find the dog. Villagers of Abertillery, a small town in South Wales, decided to use a drone to help locate the missing pet. They pooled their resources together and were able to raise a little over £1,200 to fund a drone to help find the Chihuahua.

The drone, which was supplied by a local firm, used thermal imaging camera to look for the body heat of a dog. Thanks to this technology, they were able to locate Cherry, who ended up being stuck in an old mining tunnel. With the help of a few volunteers, they were able to rescue the small dog from the tunnel and return her to her owner.

“It is absolutely amazing,” said Katinka Slingsby, Cherry’s owner “It was overwhelming. I just want to say thank you as we couldn’t have found Cherry without the community and I’m so touched by everybody’s help.” Cherry was a little damp and tired from her time in the tunnel, but she was otherwise healthy and okay.

Slingsby was able to raise the money through a crowdfunding project to pay for a drone to help find her lost dog. Thankfully, a local firm stepped in and provided the services of their drone for free. With the use of the thermal technology, the drone was easily able to find the missing dog in a little over 20 minutes of scanning the area.

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