Drone Enthusiast Found Something Insane Inside a Lake

A Youtuber in California ended up capturing something jaw-dropping on his drone. He was flying the drone in its usual spot around a lake that is nearby where he works. As this was a place where he frequently flew the drone, he knew the area very well. One day, he saw something he never saw before that he knew he had to investigate.

Drone Flier

Evan Kilkus, known as Evan K on Youtube, is a drone lover and aficionado. At the time of this discovery, he was working at a jet ski and boat rental place by Lake Berryessa. Working at the lake meant he knew it from inside and out as he was there on the daily. During his breaks and after work, he flew his drone around the lake to decompress. One day, he noticed something completely out of the ordinary.

A Giant Hole

Somehow, a hole ended up forming inside the lake. The hole had the water falling inside of it, making it look like a freaky reverse waterfall. Evan was baffled as he’d never seen a phenomenon like that before. The biggest thing on Evan’s mind was that the hole wasn’t there the day before. He flew his drone every day and he knew he would have seen that. It was a mystery.

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