Dog Gives Birth to Bright Green Puppy

When a Great Dane in Colorado birthed a litter of healthy puppies, her owner was shocked by one of the newborn pups in particular.

Most of the puppies looked completely normal, but one of the tiny babies had green fur. “It was so shocking when she was born,” said Caddy Williams, the dog’s owner. “Luckily, I had recently read an article about a green dog. So at least I knew what was going on.”

At first, Williams thought the puppy had dark fur, almost black, but she then realized the dog’s fur was actually green.

“It was dark, so I finally got out my phone flashlight — and she was green!” Williams said.

Even though the green coat is bizarre, it will fade over time. A chemical called biliverdin, found in bile, might be responsible for dyeing the puppy’s fur. The chemical can be present in the womb, altering the dog’s coloring.

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