DNA Test Can Reveal Your Dog's True Breed

If you've ever questioned the origin of your own ethnicity, then you might have shelled out for a 23andMe DNA testing kit, a personal genomics and biotechnology company that analyzes your DNA to determine where your ancestors were from. Now, you have the same option for your forever friend.

DNA test kits for humans were one of the most popular items on Amazon for the holidays. Embark, a dog DNA test, runs $199. The test can figure out your dog's real breed and checks its DNA for over 175 genetic health conditions and traits.

Embark checks for over 250 breeds and uses 200,000 more genetic markers than its competitors, as well as 100 times more genetic information. Understanding your dog's gene pool is a fun and exciting on the surface, but it could help you avoid health problems later down the line as well as medications to which they could be sensitive.

All you have to do is order the test online, activate it, swab your dog's cheek for a sample, and mail it back to Embark in a pre-paid return envelope. You'll know more about Fido in two to four weeks.

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