Disturbing Photo Reveals the Painful Truth of Missing Teen in New Mexico

By 4 years ago

Tara Leigh Calico, of Belen, New Mexico, was your typical all-American teen. Born in 1969, this 19-year-old was enjoying life after high school, ready to begin the next chapter of her life. Riding her bike was a simple pleasure of hers, but sadly, it was this very pleasure that led to her demise, a mystery that remained unsolved for years, that is until a photo was found that revealed the disturbing truth of her death…


Daily Rides

If there was one thing Tara loved, it was riding her bike. Every morning, she’d get up early and head out down the road for an hour or so. It was a way for her to unwind and start her day fresh, and she could ride for miles. She first learned to ride a bike from her mother, who was often her riding mate, until one day…


Dismissing Mace

Patty, ever the good mother, advised Tara that if she was going to keep riding, she should think about carrying mace with her. Tara didn’t think it was necessary. After all, she’d rode her bike through the same neighborhood every day for years without a single incident. Why should she stop now?


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