Disney Adds Grilled Cheese To List of Newly-Released Recipes

If you've ever been to a Disny park, you know the food is one of the highlights. Recently, Disney shared the churro bites recipe on their blog. Now, they're letting you in on the secret to making their extra gooey three-cheese grilled cheese found in Woody's lunchbox at Hollywood Studios. 

The churro bites have been a staple park snack for quite some time, but the grilled cheese is actually a newer addition. The Toy Story-themed eatery only opened within the last two years, but the sandwich quickly took over as a fan favorite snack.  

The recipe is actually pretty simple. The sandwich consists of provolone, cheddar, and a cream cheese spread, layered on bread brushed with garlic sauce. Follow the recipe below!

Woody's favorite lunch break isn't difficult to make at all, and will have you feeling like you're walking through the park at the peak of summertime if prepared right. What other Disney receipes do you hope to see up on their official blog? 

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