Decades Later, Chilling Evidence Uncovered in Disturbing Babysitter Murders

By 3 years ago

Every time we put someone else in charge of our children, we run the risk that bad something might happen. Maybe it’s an irrational fear because ultimately, something bad could happen when we’re with our children as well. But it’s the unknown that gets the better of parents at times. More often than not, things go smoothly and children usually love their babysitters, but for every 1000 great stories, there’s always one that scares even the bravest of parents. This story is one of them…

Clive & Elsie

Clive and Elsie were a young couple doing what they could to make ends meet while also trying to raise three, very young, children. They didn’t have a lot of childcare options, so when a trustworthy friend came along, they took a chance: one that they would, unfortunately, live to forever regret…

 Live-In Babysitter

One evening, Clive had gone to pick up his wife Elsie from her barmaid job. It was late and he hated leaving his children alone, but luckily, they had a live-in babysitter in the form of their friend David, who had needed a place to stay and, in turn, would watch the children when he was around.

Police on the Scene

Clive and Elsie returned home about an hour later. When they arrived back home, they noticed something strange: a slew of police cars parked around their Worcester home. Surely this was a mistake, they had only been gone an hour…


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