Cryptic Postcard Reveals Gut-Wrenching Twist in Cold Case of Missing Spring Breakers

By 2 years ago

Kim and Lisa were two college girls experiencing the freedom of university life for the first time. Life away from their parents was freeing and both girls loved being able to come and go as they pleased. But sometimes, this freedom comes with a price.

When the girls planned a cross-country road trip to Florida, things took a dark turn…

Hailing from New York

Lisa Eisman was a 20-year old from a town called Fairport, outside of Rochester, NY. Her eventual college bestie, Kim Vaccaro, hailed from New York as well, growing up in LaGrange, a town close to Poughkeepsie. When they met as roommates at school at the University of Buffalo, they were instant best friends who were rather, carefree…

Junior Year

In their third year, they decided to get an apartment off-campus together. After their first two years of rooming together on campus, they had grown very close. The pair was inseparable and people described them as vivacious and up for anything.

Spring Break

It was in their senior year that they decided they were going to go somewhere warm and exotic for Spring Break, and have a little bit of crazy, careless fun…

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