Creepy Photos Taken Right Before Historically Tragic Events

In recent history, many events have been documented and continue to live through photos that are taken. In this gallery, you will see many photos that were taken right before tragic events like deaths, accidents, and other tragedies. With events that are iconic to us and will go down in history, were nothing at the time that the photos were taken.

The Titanic, 1912


This photo was taken of the RMS Titanic and is the last known photo of the ship before the tragic accident it suffered during its voyage. Irish Jesuit Priest Francis Browne sailed with the ship on the first leg of the voyage, but had to depart when they were in Queenstown (Cobh) in Ireland. He took the photo as it sailed away, where three days later it would suffer massive damage after hitting an iceberg and sinking, losing 1,514 lives.

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