"Costco For Vegans" Soon Arriving In Continental U.S.

In just a few weeks, Hawaii-based vegan wholesale store VEDGEco will be expanding its distribution to 48 of the continental United States.

Ty and Trevor Hitch opened their vegan wholesale warehouse in Kailua on Nov. 1, 2019, appropriately dubbed World Vegan Day. After a successful run thus far, the hitch brothers have decided to expand their business to the continental U.S.

VEDGEco will initially launch as an e-commerce platform with shipping facilities on either coast. All products are shipped frozen within one or two days, packed in sustainable, foamless material.ved

"Our mission at VEDGEco is to make plant-based products more affordable and accessible for everyone across the United States, not just for restaurants and caterers, but for individuals and families to enjoy at home too," said Trevor, VEDGEco co-founder and CEO.

He continued, "Buying plant-based foods in bulk will save our customers a great deal of money. The added convenience of having these products shipped directly to their doors within one to two business days will make it easier than ever for every American to try a plant-based diet or add plant-based alternatives to their menu."

VEDGEco offers popular brands like Gardein, JUST, Follow Your Heart, Field Roast, Impossible Foods, and Gardein.

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