Convicted Criminal Falls Through the Cracks of the System and Ends up Making Every Parent’s Nightmare a Reality

By 3 years ago

Florida man Mark Lunsford enacted Jessica’s law in order to honor is nine-year-old and to help prevent others ending up like her. He fought viciously for sex offenders to have tighter restrictions and more intensive punishments, ultimately making the world a safer and more secure place for any potential victims. It all started with his daughter going missing in the early morning of a cold February day.

Jessica Is Missing

Nine-year-old Jessica went to sleep one February night just like any other. On February 24th, 2005, her father went to wake her up the next morning but was faced with a terrifying sight that a parent could ever witness.

Something is Off

After completing his usual morning routine of making coffee and taking a minute to relax before the day ahead, he went to wake Jessica up as he always did. He reached the door and heard her alarm clock going off. Mark assumed she was sleeping right through it, which was unusual, so he went to wake her. He opened the door to find her bed completely empty, still unmade as if she had just gotten up.

Trying Not to Panic

Mark searched the house before his brain could even think of the worst outcome to this. He checked the living room, hoping that Jessica was possibly in there watching TV or sleeping. That is when he noticed the front door slightly ajar. His stomach dropped and his blood ran cold as the nightmare he thought he was having became a reality, and called the police.

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