Construction Decisions That Will Have You Scratching Your Head

By 3 years ago

Staircases to nowhere, doors to the outside on the second floor, and plumbing mysterious that will make you wonder how in their right mind thought of putting it together in the messed up way that it is. These are the highlights of, “Who made this? Why does it look like that?”

An Easily Accessible Garage

Despite it being terrifying, this garage makes absolutely no sense. Even if it was some sort of garage that has some sort of hydraulics that makes it lift onto the second floor, why have the door? What is the purpose of this door?

Making Sure the Ladder is Sturdy

If this was a joke, it’s a very cruel and hard to undo one. If it was by accident, how? How does one accidentally trap the ladder in the pole?

The Most Terrifying Bridge

This bridge in Japan looks like a roller coster, and as steep as it is bumpy. It’s sound and approved for safety, but it still would make any child want to stay away from bridges.

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