Check Out Gigi Hadid's First Thanksgiving With Her Daughter

Gigi Hadid celebrated her first Thanksgiving as a mom this week, and the sweet photos she shared of herself and her daughter are too cute. "We hosted :)" she captioned one close-up shot of her elegant-looking table." The next morning, she kept the Instagram story highlights coming with another pic of her table. "It's not even noon and I'm already thinking about this again ... ready for leftovers."

Guess domesticity suits her! She had her sister Bella Hadid pitch in a mac and cheese dish, and the dishes they ate off of were also sentimental. "For my first TG hosting gig my mom gave me the set of holidays plates we grew up," Gigi wrote in another story post. She also shouted out Etsy and shopping small this holiday season, which is what she did for holiday cards and placeholders.

Last month, Gigi shared her first-ever family photo with Zayn and their daughter for Halloween. She seems to be keeping her baby's life off social media for the most part, but fans love to get a little glimpse of the inevitable super model kid. Who knows what the couple will have in store for Christmas...

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