Celebrities Are Beginning to Release Their Own Face Mask Lines For Charity

Since traditional PPE is in such high demand for healthcare workers, some celebrities have stepped up and started their own initiatives to bring reusable face masks to the public.

Communities around the world are getting used to social distancing and accepting it as the new norm. The once resistant celebrities have now succumbed to the pedestrian practice of staying at home and refusing to spread the coronavirus. 

Although we cannot guarantee that all celebrities are on the same page (we're looking at you, Kanye West), some famous musicians under the Universal Music Group have just dropped a line of face masks as personalized merchandise. 

Each mask is priced at $15 and is purchasable through the Universal Music Group's website. The artists did not make the masks themselves (wouldn't that be something), but they were designed in their likeness. For instance, Ariana Grande's mask is themed after her most recent track "No Tears Left to Cry." The stylish black fabric is dotted with a single teardrop that falls right beneath the eye. 

These masks are intended to be statement pieces, but the loudest statement that they're making is the philanthropy that is backing them. The Universal Music Group started an initiative called "We've Got You Covered" that raises money for MusiCares. This charity directly sends money to struggling members of the music industry (people who are connected but haven't gotten their break yet, or something) to help them sustain themselves through the pandemic lockdown. 

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