Carrie Underwood's Son Thinks She's 70 Years Old

You may know Carrie Underwood as a musical powerhouse, but off the red carpet, Underwood has an even more important job: being a mom. This week, Underwood revealed that her son was asked to write down her age and occupation on a questionnaire for school. Her son, Isaiah Fisher, let everyone know that his mom has many talents.

Underwood posted the photo on social media alongside the hilarious caption: "Soooo...apparenty I'm 70 and I'm really good at doing the laundry."

Underwood is obviously known for being much more than a 70-year-old laundry-doer. She hosted the CMA Awards for almost 12 years; not only that, but she and her husband Mike Fisher welcomed a new baby last January.

"He's such a smiley baby," Underwood said. "His snuggles. I just like to smell him—that might be weird. Sometimes, I'm like, 'I just need to smell my baby.' He's getting a little chub—like little chubby legs. Just pinching at his chub is real sweet."

Although Isaiah doesn't appear to know what his mom does for a living, he still shows her unconditional love and support.

"He's a supportive child. He's very encouraging," Underwood said. "So, when he sees you singing he'll be like, 'Mommy, you did so good!' So, he likes those positive words."

Underwood is looking awfully fresh for a 70-year-old manual laborer. Keep up the good work.

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