Brooklyn Chef Is Creating Cannabis-Infused Pies

New York and New Jersey seem to be the final places on the East Coast that have yet to legalize the use of recreational marijuana. Although Governor Cuomo has teased the end of marijuana prohibition in the near future, it can be purchased legally by residents of the states for expressly medical purposes, and certain amounts have been decriminalized.

Chris “The Pizza Pusha” Barrett is the chef and owner of Stoned Gourmet Cannabis Pizza. He offers delivery and pickup-only cannabis-infused pizzas to people in New York and New Jersey, including other items like gelato, cheesecake, chicken wings, cannolis, and a variety of other gourmet weed products.

There are 320 milligrams per pie, which breaks down to about 40 milligrams per slice. “If you normally eat two slices of pizza, eat two slices of pizza. If you normally drink one soda with those two slices, that’s what you do. Have a cookie, have a brownie, get the experience. You’ll know when you need to slow down a bit,” said Chris.

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