British Government Left This Island Toxic To All Life For Over 45 Years

By 2 years ago

When the British government seized an island for experimental bio-warfare, they ended up causing a much greater mess than they ever anticipated…

The Island

Gruinard Island is located off the coast of the Scottish mainland. It’s so close that it can be seen from Scottish shores and is even in rowing distance! It looks tranquil from afar, but back in the 1940’s, it was anything but…

Used To Be Popular

The island was loved by Scottish families who used it as a mini-escape. They would row on over and enjoy a picnic day during one of Scotlands beautiful summer days.

Perfect For A Day Trip

The island itself is small and oval-shaped. It’s about 2 kilometers long and not 1 kilometer wide. There’s not much to it, but that made it the perfect day trip destination.

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