Britain’s Rarest Mammal Born at UK Zoo

Four months after being born at Chester Zoo, footage has finally been released of a Highland Tiger kitten. The female, who remains unnamed, is also known as a Scottish wildcat. With only 100 estimated left in the wild, the Highland Tiger has become Britain’s rarest mammal.

The kitten was born this past August as part of a breeding program to prevent the species from going extinct. Its parents, Einich and Cromarty, have been fiercely protective.  Highland Tigers used to be a common wildcat in Britain, but were hunted for pelts and killed to curb them from preying on game birds.

Wildcats are now protected by UK laws because they are the only remaining wild feline species. They are still threatened by habitat loss, cross-breeding with domestic cats, and disease. Hopefully, the breeding program will help to reintroduce Highland Tigers into the wild in the future.

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