Bridezilla Cancels Wedding and Engagement to Childhood Sweetheart After Guests Refuse To ‘Donate’ $1.5K Each

Brides are usually ‘bridezillas’ up until the day of the wedding. Have you ever experienced one where she was a monster even in the days after she cancels it? This one family is now going through the motions of handling a distressed no-longer bride. The catch? She blames her friends and family for not ‘donating’ over $1,500 each for the $60K celebration.

Secret Facebook Group

It all started when someone posted an insane status from a bride in a wedding shamers facebook group. Apparently, in this world, there is a Facebook group centered around wedding shaming. Yep, it’s exactly what you think. It’s pretty much a group of women shaming other weddings/brides to make themselves feel better about their own wedding experiences. 


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