Bridezilla Cancels Wedding and Engagement to Childhood Sweetheart After Guests Refuse To ‘Donate’ $1.5K Each

Brides are usually ‘bridezillas’ up until the day of the wedding. Have you ever experienced one where she was a monster even in the days after she cancels it? This one family is now going through the motions of handling a distressed no-longer bride. The catch? She blames her friends and family for not ‘donating’ over $1,500 each for the $60K celebration.

Secret Facebook Group

It all started when someone posted an insane status from a bride in a wedding shamers facebook group. Apparently, in this world, there is a Facebook group centered around wedding shaming. Yep, it’s exactly what you think. It’s pretty much a group of women shaming other weddings/brides to make themselves feel better about their own wedding experiences. 


Sob Story

The story starts with the announcement of the bride canceling her wedding and break up of her almost decade-long relationship. Things start off kind of awkward but… normal. The anonymous bridezilla who is only known as Susan claims that she and the groom have run into irreparable problems, which can sometimes come about when planning a wedding. It’s sad, but normal enough. Unfortunately, this case is anything but normal relationship problems.


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