Boy Spots Something Strange Under Bridge and Accidentally Saves a Man’s Life

By 2 years ago

Every kid wants to do something heroic, whether it’s standing up to a bully at school or being the voice of reason in a dangerous situation. Jerald Withers discovered the hero inside when he spotted something on the side of the road and decided to do something nobody else would…

Normal Kid

Jerald Withers was like any other 11-year-old boy. He had to deal with the usual responsibilities like doing chores around the house and keeping his grades up. But on one day in November of 2017, everything changed, and he was faced with life-or-death circumstances.

No Idea What Was Coming

Jerald lived in Festus, Missouri, where nothing really ever seemed to happen. He never expected to find himself in this kind of situation. Jerald was more worried about whether the Green Bay Packers would win the big game that weekend than anything else. He had no idea that his life was about to change…

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