Bo Burnham’s “Eighth Grade” Beats out Bradley Cooper’s “A Star is Born” for Best First-Time Feature Film

This past Saturday, the 71st annual Directors Guild of America awards were distributed amongst people like Alfonso Cuaron for Roma and Tim Wardle for Three Identical Strangers. Bradley Cooper was a key contender for the first-time feature award for A Star is Born, but was beaten to the punch by Bo Burnham for his debut film Eighth Grade.

Cuaron, whose film told the story of a Mexico City domestic worker from 1970–1971, said, “The language of cinema, like the universe, is constantly expanding. The true cinema ignores walls, both real and imagined.”

Burnham, who made a name for himself on YouTube as a comedian and before skyrocketing to the level of an industry professional, turned heads with the comedy-of-age comedy that earned him coveted recognition from prestigious groups like the Writers Guild, Independent Spirit Awards, and Gotham Awards.

Cooper was assumed to be a shoo-in for the DGA’s Best First-Time Director, but a handful of naysayers thought Burnham would take home the award. And, against the odds, they were right.

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