Big Ten and Pac-12 Officially Postpone 2020 Football, Nearing Full Shutdown

Big Ten and PAC-12 conferences host some of the most elite games in all of college sports, but this year the season is going to look a little different, or even nonexistant. Most football teams say they hope to play 2020's postponed games in the spring, but even that seems slightly unlikely. "I've said it from the first day that I started at the Big Ten, that the health, the safety, the wellness — both physical and mental — for our student-athletes was going to be at the top of my list," Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren told the Big Ten Network.

"We cannot bubble our student-athletes like pro sports can," Scott told the Pac-12 Network. "They're part of broader campus communities. Student-athletes are living with peer students on campus." Just last week, the Big Ten announced a small-scale tournament schedule for football, but league officials had too many questions and concerns about the longterm affects of COVID for it to seem like a logical step forward.

“There are just too many uncertainties to feel comfortable, from a medical standpoint, to proceed forward,” Warren said. "Just having our student-athletes compete in fall sports, we just didn't believe it was prudent at this time."

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