Beyoncé’s Offering Free Concert Tickets For Vegan Fans

Going vegan is a huge life change and daily commitment to that lifestyle. There are proven facts about why veganism is a good choice for a healthier lifestyle, but many people still aren’t convinced.

Until now.

Beyonce and Jay Z have offered fans a deal of a lifetime.

The Greenprint Project promotes plant-based eating for a healthier life, body, and planet. Beyonce, Jay-Z, and their nutrition coach Marco Borges started the project, and are offering a once in a lifetime prize: Free tickets for life.

All you have to do is sign up and follow the program, and you will be entered to win the tickets. For many fans of the power couple, this was enough incentive to go vegan…

Although many fans were fully ready to go full vegan, that’s not actually the catch. Although going vegan is preferred, fans don’t have to go fully vegan. They basically want to promote healthy and sustainable eating! It’s not all or nothing, and there isn’t supposed to be any pressure.

Fans are still down to go fully vegan for Queen Bey, though.


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