Behind-The-Scenes Secrets Your Gym Is Hiding From You

Although most people would think that the gym is a healthy and safe environment to get some exercise, the truth is actually quite the opposite. As these gym secrets will show you, these places are nothing more than an overpriced cesspool for bacteria that’s also a hotspot for creeps and egomaniacs.

In case you ever needed any reason to avoid going to the gym, each of these gym secrets should be more than enough.

When To Sign Up For Membership

In case you really want to get a membership, the best time to do so and get a major discount is during the summertime. These are usually the months where most people are showing off their summer bods and too busy working on it, so not only will gyms be cheaper then, but they’ll also be less crowded.

Double-Check That Cancellation Policy

Always double-check your membership’s cancellation policy, which is purposely written in fine print to lessen the chances of people reading them. This way, in case you don’t necessarily agree with anything written, you can save yourself the trouble and avoid signing up for a membership.

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