Bartender Serves Homeless Man More Than He Ordered

In Memphis, Tennessee, a homeless man walked into a popular bar. Not only was he welcomed but he was also given excellent service. The man only had a limited amount of money, but that didn’t stop the bartender from giving him may more than what his money could afford. The story was witnessed by Dawn Wilt, who then told the story on social media.


According to a Facebook post by Dawn Wilt, an unidentified homeless man walked into Huey’s restaurant with only $2 to his name. He walked up to the bar and asked the bartender what he could get with it.

“The bartender Beck greeted a homeless man with ‘What can I get you, man?’ The guy has $2 and says I am hungry what can I get here with $2. Beck without hesitating says “What you want man a burger? Do u want fries or onion rings? The fellow says God Bless You. Beck asked him what he wants to drink. Guy says water. Imagine that, its 100 degrees. They gave the food to him to go and I swear when it came out it was way more than he ordered or paid for.”


“I say cheers to Beck for having a HEART. He reminded me of the bartender in ‘It’s a wonderful Life’. Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings. Beck you get the wings today. Made my heart smile. Please share this, Beck deserves it.” So far the post has been seen thousands of times and shared a little over 1,500 times.

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