Babies Switched at Birth Experience Unbelievable Tragedies, but Wouldn’t Change a Thing

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It’s safe to assume that the baby you deliver in a hospital is also the baby that you end up taking home and raising. Incredibly, that’s not always the case. In a rare phenomenon, hospital staff mix up babies in the newborn ward and send them off with the wrong parents. This was the case in the UVA Baby Switch case, where almost 23 years ago, two baby girls were switched in the ward and sent home with different parents before the mistake was realized three years later. Read their emotional journey and find out where they are now.

June 29, 1995

Paternity Test Shocks All

It wasn’t until three years later that the horrible mistake was discovered. Paula’s boyfriend asked for a paternity test of their daughter when she was just three years old. When the results came back, they were shocked. Her boyfriend was not the father, and Paula was not the mother.

Contacting the Hospital

Paula was devastated and needed to know where her actual biological daughter was. This was a delicate situation, as she was absolutely attached to the daughter she raised, and it was no question that the other couple was attached to her daughter. She needed to figure it out. She immediately got in contact with the hospital, who were able to find out which parents took her daughter. Then, tragedy struck at the wrong time.

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