Babies Enjoy Dutch Painter’s Art

By 3 years ago

Earlier this week, eight babies and their parents were given a private tour of a museum located at The Hague. The tour is part of the “Boogie Woogie, Baby! Project”. The project involves babies taken to see their favorite pieces of art. Among the most favored artists on the project are the paintings of Dutch artist Mondrian. His art was featured in the Gemeentemuseum in the Netherlands.


Organizers of the event realized that the work of abstract artist Piet Mondrian was the most preferred piece of art with small children. That is why 8 babies and their parents were chosen from a group of more than 400 hopefuls who wanted to view the Mondrian paintings exclusively at the Gemeentemuseum. The museum at The Hague houses the largest collection of Mondrian paintings. The babies ranged from 4 months old to a year and a half old. They were able to appreciate the paintings in an early morning stroll with their parents, even before the museum opened.


“From four months onwards, babies can see colors and contrast and for this purpose, Mondrian’s works are the most ideal,” said Brigitte Timmermans of Kunstfanaatjes or Little Art Fanatics, “We find that the babies are able to focus really well on the ‘Victory’. They were fascinated by it and to see this was something quite special. The parents — who are often a bit hamstrung having to look after a small baby — also enjoyed the day out.” The Victory painting was made in 1944 and has bright and contrasting primary colors made up of blue, red, and yellow. This is probably why it was so appealing to most babies.

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